27 Benefits Of The Digital Nomad Guidebook

Our Goal

Since launching Digital Nomad Family, our goal has always been to share our experiences with you in hopes of encouraging you to have more adventures in your own life and to give you the practical advice you need to feel confident about doing it. Our new book, The Digital Nomad Guidebook, is a manifestation of that goal, and we are so excited to see the role that it plays in helping you Travel The World, Work From Anywhere, and Love Your Life!

With The Digital Nomad Guidebook, You Will Discover:


  1. Wide variety of methods that are available for earning an income while working remotely so that you can find the perfect one to match your skills and interests
  2. How to use outsourcing, software, and secret techniques to automate your work and eliminate the stress of managing the trickier technical aspects of running an online business
  3. How to estimate your monthly budget needs as you travel
  4. Keys to successfully traveling with children and maintaining everybody’s sanity
  5. Options for your children’s education and how to embrace life as a worldschooler
  6. How to take care of everyday life like a boss - doctors, haircuts, groceries abroad... we’ve got you covered
  7. What to do with your house and belongings back home
  8. Why right now the best time for you to take the plunge and start traveling
  9. Why you shouldn’t let the media, friends, or family scare you away from your dreams
  10. Exactly what to take care of before you leave home - travel insurance, accounts to cancel, banking, etc.
  11. What to look for in a first place to travel as a digital nomad
  12. How to find good flights and accommodations
  13. How to stay for free with couchsurfing
  14. Finding community before you even arrive in a location
  15. What to do when you get sick abroad
  16. How to adeptly handle unexpected situations and crises
  17. How to get a SIM card in a new country
  18. Which travel gadgets you really need
  19. Best smartphone apps to help you while traveling
  20. The best parts of living life on the road that make it so rewarding

With The Digital Nomad Guidebook, You Will Get:

  1. The ultimate digital nomad packing list
  2. Access to our private Facebook group, with a built-in community of likeminded people to give you support, advice, and encouragement
  3. Your name listed in the special credits section of the ebook to show our appreciation for your support
  4. Invite-only Q&A call where we will personally answer your questions about travel and the digital nomad lifestyle
  5. Bonus chapter with additional resources, links, and blog posts to further help you get started on your digital nomad journey
  6. Immediate download of our Top 5 Travel Hacks PDF
  7. Stories, experiences, and advice that we have never shared as we’ve traveled the world for the last four years with our three little girls… which will entertain you, surprise you, and teach you how to avoid some of the pitfalls we’ve run into, saving you plenty of time and money in the future

Get The Digital Nomad Guidebook Now

Pre-orders of the book are available HERE and will only be available until December 24, 2016. After that, you'll have to wait until launch to secure your copy, and we cannot guarantee the same price. Plus, you'll miss out on some awesome preorder bonuses ($150 value).

Grab your copy today!

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