30 Days of Gratitude - Jerusalem Birthday (7-8/30)

Highlights of a wonderful birthday! 

Highlights of a wonderful birthday! 

30 Days of Gratitude - Days 7 & 8

I’m thankful for the memories created yesterday… on my birthday! I had a wonderful day here in Israel.

Our sweet Russian host family gave me a birthday party, complete with a birthday cake, playing “Happy Birthday” on the keyboard and singing to me, and they gave me truffles and a handmade teething necklace. It was completely unexpected, and I was so touched by their generosity and making me feel at home and loved as I celebrated my birthday in a foreign country.

On top of that, we went into Old City Jerusalem to film at the Western Wall for #ScopeDay. It was such an honor to be part of the day, and I loved doing our scope!

We finished the evening off with delicious burgers in the Jewish Quarter and a family visit to the Western Wall.

It was a fantastic day, and I’m thankful that it has become part of my favorite travel memories!

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