Announcing... The Definitive Digital Nomad Guidebook!

Ebook Pre-Orders Now Available!

We are excited to announce that our upcoming ebook, The Definitive Digital Nomad Guidebook, is now available for pre-order!

This ebook is a labor of love, pouring out all the knowledge we've gained as we've traveled the world for the last few years with our three little girls...

A few years ago, living in our home in San Diego, we never could have imagined the adventures that were in store for us these days. We lived three miles from the beach and right down the street from the Four Seasons resort. It was a perfect area and a great house to start a family in.

We remodeled the kitchen, got granite countertops and a beautiful backsplash, got new paint… all the things that you’re supposed to do as a grown-up, right?

We were supposedly living the ‘American Dream’, but really we felt hollow and empty inside...

Our family was growing, and we should have been perfectly content to raise our little girls in our gorgeous home in one of the best parts of the country. Instead, we read “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss, and it was exactly what we needed to jumpstart our new take on life. As we read about people living a life of freedom, unbound by the traditional rules that we had always believed to be true about life, we finally realized that we could give ourselves permission to live the life that we really wanted to live… which was definitely not a life chained down to a house in California.

We sold our beautiful home in San Diego and gave away our material possessions to some amazing strangers in need… it was the most freeing experience.

And then we headed out on new adventures!

Now we've taken the biggest lessons we've learned, mistakes we've made, and practical advice we've acquired during our travels and put them all into this ebook, so that you can have the knowledge and confidence you need to prepare for your own life of travels.

We are so grateful for the support that you have given us and that we've gotten to share our travels with you, so to thank you for your support as we launch our ebook, you'll get special bonuses and exclusive content that are only available with pre-orders.

Get the ebook and bonuses HERE

Thank you so much for your support and love!

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