Article Roundup - Pinterest's First Ads, Outsource Your Social Media, Increase Blog Traffic, & More

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Hey!  So I've been wanting to round up interesting marketing / home business / social media news and start posting the links to give you some good resources and keep you in the loop!  Here's my first edition with some top articles from the week.  Happy reading! Pinterest announces promoted pins:

I'm super excited about this!  If you have physical products that you want to sell on Pinterest, this might turn into a really cool form of attraction marketing.  Pinterest's promoted pins will only show up in search feeds, not the newsfeed, so you know that the impressions your pin gets will be from people who are actively searching on that topic.  And given that Pinterest is the top site for ecommerce on social media (users spend an average of $160 on Pinterest compared to $95 on Facebook), it seems like an awesome opportunity to build your customer base.


How to work with a virtual assistant to manage your social media:

Stop letting social media suck all your time!  I know, social media is the most fun part of your online marketing.  :)  BUT, it's also something that could easily be done by a virtual assistant so that you're free to do bigger things that only you can do, like creating content.  Side note - as an English major, the errors in this post drove me crazy!  But the content is still worthwhile.  :)


7 ways to increase traffic to your blog:

Jeff Bullas' blog is full of fantastic information.  Here are 7 concrete ways to increase traffic to your blog.


12 awesome social media facts and statistics for 2013:

One more from Jeff Bullas!  Here are just some good stats to know about the current state of social media so you can adjust your targeting and marketing efforts accordingly.


Why it takes purpose to become a billionaire:

Great article to get you inspired and dreaming bigger!  Live your life with purpose and higher, world-changing goals in order to achieve great things!

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