Dead Sea: 5 Things To Know Before You Go

I love looking back at the pictures from our wonderful day at the Dead Sea!  We had a peaceful, relaxing day of mud, salt, and floating at the lowest place on Earth. 

This isn't your typical day at the beach though, so here are 5 things to know before you visit the Dead Sea:

Loving the mud, salt, and gorgeous views at the Dead Sea! 

Loving the mud, salt, and gorgeous views at the Dead Sea! 

  1. It is so much more beautiful than you expect!  The sea is bright blue, almost tropical, and it is simply gorgeous. 

  2. Wear water shoes so you don't get cut on jagged salt rocks. And make sure you go out far enough in the water to find the limitless piles of salt on the sea floor.

  3. You really do float effortlessly. It is the most amazing, delightful sensation!  

  4.  You have to buy packets of mud at the gift shop to slather on yourself to create a spa day; you can't just scoop it up from the shore. 

  5.  Drink water. And then drink twice as much as you already had. This is not the beach - the salt dries you out until the point of dizziness if you stay in the water too long and don't rehydrate (Joshua learned this one the hard way :))

And then enjoy your time at the Dead Sea! We had an awesome day there, and it's one of the highlights of our trip to Israel so far!

Have you been to the Dead Sea? Do you have any other advice for visitors? Leave us a comment and share your best tips!

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