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The Three Factors For Change I just finished reading a fascinating book called “Switch” by Dan and Chip Heath, about the psychology behind change.  It presents a variety of research and real-world examples of successful change to examine the three factors that need to align in order for a person or organization to create lasting change.


The three factors for change are basically your head, your heart, and your path.  If any of those factors aren’t in alignment (i.e. lacking in clarity, motivation, etc.), then your change efforts will most likely be unsuccessful.


Do You Have A Growth Mindset?

One of the factors that can affect whether your head, heart, and path are in alignment is whether or not you have a growth mindset.  The authors break down how people who believe that they are capable of growth see their current situation as flexible and just a point along their journey.  These people realize that while they might not be the greatest in their field right now, they still have the ability to learn, grow, and develop until they reach their full potential.


On the other hand, people who have a fixed mindset view the world the opposite way.  These people believe that they are who they are and that not much will change that.  They believe they’re born with certain abilities and lacking other ones, and that they don’t have the opportunity to change their situation.


Which group do you think is able to create better success in their lives?


“That’s because people with a growth mindset - those who stretch themselves, take risks, accept feedback, and take the long-term view - can’t help but progress in their lives and careers.” - Switch


The people who believe they can change and grow, of course! The Common Mindset of People

“Switch” shows the research that clearly demonstrates this truth, but you can also see it in the world around you.


For example, we went to a wedding in rural Pennsylvania this weekend… we were way out in Pennsylvania Dutch country!  The people at the wedding were incredibly friendly, and I genuinely had a wonderful time with them.  However, it was really interesting to talk with them and get a sense of the common mindset of people in that area.


*Quick interjection - I have no interest in stereotyping, and these beliefs are not remotely constrained to any certain group of people or region, rather I think the people we met this weekend are a good microcosm that exemplifies our society as a whole*


When we talked with people about their jobs, there was a prevailing sentiment that where they are now is as good as life is going to get. When we asked them about what else they might like to do or how they could see their career progressing, they didn’t have any answers.  And people were somewhat taken aback and/or amused by the idea of working from home and traveling the world like we do, but it didn’t even seem to register with them that it’s a possibility for them just as much as it is for us. You Have What It Takes to Grow: Change Your Mindset

If you’ve been raised with that belief, I want you to know that you can let it go.  You don’t have to hold on to beliefs that don’t serve your best interests or that trap you in a life you don’t want.


“Switch” details an amazing experiment with junior high school students who had accepted the fact that they were bad at school.


After just 2 hours of training in which they were told that they can improve--that their brain is a muscle that can get stronger and more developed--the test group of students completely reversed their declining Math grades.  All it takes is knowing and believing that you are capable of changing things in your life, in order to start seeing improvements!


If you want to go deeper into the psychology of change, I highly recommend reading “Switch.”  You will learn new techniques to help you change, as well as to inspire growth and change in the people that you lead.


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