How To Win The Ultimate Game of Your LIfe

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What are your goals question
What are your goals question

96% of people will never achieve their goals in life.

What??  What a dismaying, heartbreaking statistic!  Can that possibly be true?

Think about it for a second though in your own life... are there dreams you've given up on?  Are there goals you've been procrastinating on, maybe for years now?  To lose weight, get in shape, or run a 5K... to start a business... to take that trip... to learn that hobby... to reconcile with that friend or family member... Ouch.

Does that small little list immediately bring a bunch of things to mind?  Things that you've given up on, maybe in the name of being realistic?  Maybe because you're too busy?  Maybe simply because you haven't set deadlines or made the effort to take concrete steps of action?  And next thing you know, time goes by and you're trapped in a job / body / relationship / situation that you're unhappy with and you give up on life being any other way.

Let's be part of the 4% that achieve great things!

Here's the deal, I know I have things on my list of goals that I've given up on... BUT, I refuse to concede defeat in these areas.  Instead, I'm going to commit to making changes in my life and achieving those goals.  I will not be in that 96% for the rest of my life.  I will achieve my dreams!!  I will live my ideal life!  And secure an awesome future for my girls!

Sweet!  But practically, what is that going look like?  How am I really going to do that?  What makes this commitment more than just well-intentioned resolution that will quickly pass?  Well, this is where I get excited - I'm going to play The Ultimate Game of Life!

Jumping happy young man
Jumping happy young man

What is the Ultimate Game of Life?

It's an awesome system that Jim Bunch (crazy positive, incredibly motivating, fun guy :)) has created that has already helped 11,000 people make genuine changes in their lives.  It's a live, 90-day program to help you achieve goals in the areas of health, wealth, and happiness in your life.  They describe it as:

"It's a breakthrough new game you play to earn more money, create more financial wealth, experience more happiness, relieve your stress, & all around live a life of total fulfillment."

Sounds good, right??  :)  It's coaching, community, and life change, all within a gamification system so that taking these steps and achieving goals is actually fun!  I am so excited to start this!!

So what do you think?  Are you getting excited too??

Let's win the game of life together!

The game starts on October 1st, so your life could be completely different by the end of the year!  You could start 2014 without having to worry about creating a big list of seemingly impossible resolutions.  Instead, you could already be in the place you want to be in life!  How awesome would that be??

So check it out here and join me in the game!

I cannot wait to see what we'll have accomplished by New Year's!  It's going to be amazing!!

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