How I Just Got On the Fast Track to Success

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I finally have some personal mentors!!

This past weekend, I signed up with a new company, specifically because I was excited to work with the couple - Bill and Michelle Pescosolido.  They are top leaders in the network marketing industry, and I am excited to learn from them!

What's the big deal?

Mentor word cloud
Mentor word cloud

A key principle for success in life is to team up with others who have already accomplished what you want to do, to create masterminds and partnerships and mentorships, so that you can avoid all the mistakes they made and jumpstart yourself right onto the path to success.  I don't want to waste my time learning everything all by myself, stumbling along the way, and eventually getting where I want to go.  I want to learn from the best and avoid all the wasted time and pain in the middle!

So I'm super excited to be on the fast track to success!  They are providing me with training, community, and mentorship, so I can immediately start implementing the right tools.  I can follow their system and leave my mental energy free to create content, not stress about what steps to take.  And I can have more free time to play with my girls, take them to the beach, and go on adventures together!

And the other awesome aspect of being part of this team is that when I bring in new people to the business, they get access to the exact same resources!  So I can be a better leader, confident that I have the tools to help my new team members to jumpstart their success as well, so they can have freedom of time and money and be free from stress and worry.  That's exciting!!  I can't wait to help others achieve their dreams!

Spill the beans already!

So what's the company I joined?  And who are my new mentors?  Watch this replay of yesterday's webinar to learn all about them!

After you watch it, let me know what you think!!  Leave a comment below!  And definitely hit me up with any questions you might have - I'm excited to help!

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