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“How you do anything is how you do everything."


Have you heard this expression before?


It’s a familiar refrain in the personal development world, and it’s meant to encourage you to be your best in every possible situation… work hard, see things through, be respectable at all times.


I love this phrase, and it’s something I frequently remind myself of when I’m tempted to take a shortcut or do less than my best on something.


Today's Post Inspiration

It’s also the phrase that’s been circling in my head over the last few days after some “spats” in a private Facebook group that I’m in.  The group is for online marketing professionals, and there was a recent topic that has split the group in two.


The way people are talking within this Facebook group is nothing short of stunning.  I feel like I’m looking at comments from trolls on a YouTube video.  They are spiteful, childish, and vindictive, to the point where I just read through a thread with my mouth hanging open.


Are there really grown adults who act like this?  And why do they feel like it’s remotely appropriate for them to do it?


Here’s my guess - it’s a private Facebook group, so their family, friends, and followers can’t see their behavior.


But they're forgetting that how you do anything, is how you do everything...


Why Your Behavior Matters

First of all, let me just start with the obvious that I believe every single person deserves to be treated with respect at all times, even if you disagree with their viewpoint.  I feel like that’s a pretty basic ideal that we can all agree on.


But after that, do you really want to burn your bridges with people who are in your same profession, especially one that relies heavily on networking and connections?  Because that is what these complainers are doing, both with the people they’re directly attacking and with the bystanders like me who are witnessing their behavior.


The odds are good that you’ll have things in common with other people who have joined the same industry as you… what if these people you’re turning away could have been your closest friends?


What if you could have interviewed them to learn more about their success and used that interview to help you position yourself as an expert, plus to learn and grow from what they said?


What if you could have teamed up with someone for a joint venture and launched a product together?


Now mostly likely none of those things are going to happen, because of people’s disrespectful and petty behavior.  It’s a sad moment of self-sabotage that they probably won’t even recognize… which brings me to my next point:


Your Mindset Is Everything

In general, the majority of rude behavior is coming from people who aren’t successful yet as online marketers, and they’re lashing out at the top earners who are voicing their support on this topic.  There are some very clear differences in how the two groups are handling the same issue, and it says a lot to me about the importance of your mindset.


I love reading articles from Entrepreneur.com about how to think like a successful leader, and I’ve read the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind multiple times, because I want to transform my mindset to one that will help propel me further in life.  I feel like these Facebook group threads are the perfect visual reminder of just how important it is to shift your mindset.


Could it be that the complainers would be further along their path to success if they went with the flow and embraced change?  If they believed the best in people and supported others, rather than tearing them down?  If they didn’t play victim and used obstacles in their lives to push them harder to succeed?


Finally, going back to our opening quote, what if they treated every moment of their lives as an opportunity to shine and be their best?


Because this tiny glimpse that I’m getting to see into their personality and their life shows me that they’re not using that kind of self-control or holding themselves to a higher standard. And if they’re letting things slide in a private Facebook group, then that’s most likely how they’re handling a number of areas in their lives.


I can’t believe that they’re going to create lasting success for themselves until they raise that bar and start living out the truth that how you do anything is how you do everything.


You Stay Classy, San Diego... And Everyone Else :)

So to sum it all up, my challenge and my encouragement to you is to always be a class act.  Know that how you do anything in your life is a reflection of how you do everything in your life, so make the most of every moment, choose to work hard and treat others well, and see how you blossom and grow in every area of your life!


P.S. - I want to give a huge shoutout to my friend and mentor, Bill Pescosolido, for being THE example of how to be a class act.  He has received some nasty feedback for sharing his opinions in the Facebook group, and he takes the time to respond to the haters with nothing but courtesy, respect, and wishing them the best in their business.


I am positive that that is one of the reasons why he and Michelle are so incredibly successful, and I’m thankful to be on his team in this company and that I get to learn from one of the best.  If you want to be part of a team that is led by people of integrity who are dedicated to your success, click here to get started.

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