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Are you on Periscope yet?!

Periscope is an awesome new live-stream video feed app from Twitter, and it opens up a whole world of exciting possibilities for online marketers!


What is Periscope?

Periscope lets you live-stream a video and interact with viewers in real time.  Just like Twitter, you can follow people and be followed, and a cool feature is that the app will send your followers a notification when you start a live broadcast.

Some fun people to follow right now are @aaronpaul_8, @altonbrown, @feliciaday, @astrophysicist (Jimmy Fallon :)), @richardbranson, @davidblaine, and @tferriss .


How do you broadcast?

Periscope is very simple and intuitive!  When you broadcast, you can title your video, add a location, and then start your sweet broadcast.

What makes it awesome?

The immediate interaction between the broadcaster and the viewers is exciting!  You’re no longer relegated to leaving a stale comment under a YouTube video that will most likely just be ignored.  Instead, viewers can post comments that are instantly seen by both the broadcaster and all other viewers.

Then the awesome part is that the broadcaster can respond to the viewers right away!

They can answer questions, show you a different angle, thank you for your encouragement… anything and everything that lets you know they’re actually reading and hearing what you have to say.  Plus, viewers can tap on the screen to send some hearts and show some love to the broadcaster.

Whether you’re the broadcaster or the viewer, Periscope opens up a really exciting new level of engagement and opportunities for interaction.

In my opinion, it’s a lot easier and more convenient than a Google hangout.  You know how Google hangouts usually feel clunky and awkward?   Like they’re a little bit daunting and still as one-sided as a webinar?  Well, Periscope feels nothing like that… it’s very natural and casual. It feels like a communal experience, where both broadcaster and viewer are on equal footing and truly hanging out together.

Periscope screen where you to choose a video to watch
Periscope screen where you to choose a video to watch

 Why should marketers be pumped for Periscope?

Periscope gives marketers an even greater way to truly interact with followers, build a genuine relationship with fans, and engage with their customers in real time.  It strips away the pretense that can come from being on video and carefully polishing the image that you present of yourself.  Marketers who use Periscope will have to be authentic and genuine, which will resound with their audience.

There’s a different feeling that you get from experiencing something at the same time with a person than when you watch it after the fact.  If you broadcast a Periscope while you’re going down a waterslide, watching a concert, or standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, your viewers get to experience that moment at the exact same time that you do.  That shared experience is a much more powerful bonding moment than watching your YouTube video of it even a few hours later.

For marketers who truly care about their followers, who are looking to build genuine relationships and friendships with them, Periscope can be a dream come true, allowing you to bridge the distance created by carefully crafted status updates and perfectly edited video posts.

What type of content should marketers stream on Periscope?

Here are 9 ideas for Periscope videos that you could stream:

1.  Film a tutorial in front of your computer and show how you respond to a certain type of email from customers or how to post a Facebook Ad

2.  Live stream yourself at a company conference receiving an award or check for your marketing and sales accomplishments

3.  Hold a live Q&A session, and simply answer viewers’ questions for 5 minutes.  I watched a great Periscope video earlier today with @ChrisSacca (investor in Twitter, Uber, etc.), and his opening question was: “What can I do to make this time valuable for you?” Follow his lead and hold an open forum, letting viewers know that you’re there just to invest into them.

Periscope Start Broadcast Screen
Periscope Start Broadcast Screen

4.  Give people a taste of your daily life - what your neighborhood looks like, how your office is set up, or 2 minutes with your friends at your favorite local hangout.

5.  Allow followers to experience an exciting vacation moment that you’re about to have, like running into the water at the beach for the first time, walking up to your favorite animal at the zoo, or jumping onto a jet ski.

6.  If you make sales calls, stream a live call so that your followers can see exactly how you handle real-life objections and close sales

7.  Demonstrate how to do a non-marketing-related skill that you have, like how to do an awesome leg press, knit a row of a scarf, or mix the perfect mojito

8.  Do an interview with your mentor, with a success story of someone you’ve helped, or someone who is an expert in a field your followers would be interested in

9.  Shoot your daily marketing tip video with a whiteboard behind you listing your username, website, and a hashtag that goes with your topic

*Updated bonus idea: people LOVE seeing inside your refrigerator!  You'll actually see people commenting "fridge!" on completely unrelated videos... it seems to be the first big trending video that people love.  So show people what you've got stocked!

Remember, while people care about business-related videos, they also want to get to know you as a person.  And, your life is interesting!!  What seems normal to you just might be foreign and fascinating to others!

Some final awesome Periscope marketing tips:

One other cool feature of Periscope is that after you stop your broadcast, it gives you the option to save the video to your camera roll (you can also change your settings to autosave all of your broadcasts to your phone).  Then you can use your traditional marketing efforts to distribute that video to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and your blog.  So you can get all the benefits of live streaming a video on Periscope and seamlessly integrate it with the marketing strategies you’re already using.

Don’t forget the copywriting lessons you’ve learned - make the best use of the video title that you can!  People choose what to watch based solely on the title , location, and user, so pique their curiosity or get them excited with the small title space that you have.  And don’t forget to use a hashtag so that people can mention (and find!) your video on Twitter!

Periscope Profile Screen
Periscope Profile Screen

Are you excited??

Periscope is brand new, and I’m excited to see where it goes!  What do you think about this platform?  Will you incorporate it into your marketing efforts?  And if so, how will you use it most?

Leave me a comment and let me know!  And of course, let’s connect on Periscope - @kristycohen !


Get Periscope - https://www.periscope.tv/#share

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