Joshua and Kristy:

Dec 2005 - Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas for our honeymoon :)

June 2006 - Mediterranean cruise out of Rome to Mykonos and Santorini in Greece; Nice in France; and Sicily (Taormina), Naples/Sorrento, Capri, and Florence in Italy

Nov 2006 - Caribbean cruise out of New Orleans to Cozumel and Riviera Maya in Mexico; Belize; and Guatemala

Jan 2007 - went to DisneyWorld in Orlando - Joshua's first time!

July 2007 - Hawaiian cruise to Lanai, Lahaina on Maui, Honolulu on Oahu, Kauai, and both Kona and Hilo on Hawaii

Sept 2007 - 4-day romantic getaway at Sandals resort in St. Lucia

Sept 2007 - visited San Diego, California for a week

Oct 2007 - moved to San Diego, California

Nov 2007 - day trip to Ensenada, Mexico for Kristy's birthday

Feb 2008 - 4 days in Paris, France for Valentine's Day

July 2008 - British Isles cruise out of London to Wales; Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness in Scotland; Dublin, Cork, and Belfast in Ireland; and Guernsey and Liverpool in England

Jan 2009 - went to Santa Barbara, California for long weekend

April 2009 - spent a week in San Francisco, California

Dec 2009 - babymoon in Switzerland - Lucerne, Basel, Zurich, and Jungfraujoch

Dec 2009 - New Year's Eve in New York City

2010 - Juliet is born

2012 - Abigail is born

Nov 2012 - visited Palo Alto and San Francisco, California

Nov 2012 - went to Disney's Aulani resort in Hawaii

Jan 2013 - moved to Palo Alto, California

May 2013 - went to Las Vegas for a week-long mastermind event

July 2013 - spent two weeks in Hawaii - one week on Kauai and one week in Kona

August / Sept 2013 - lived in Ireland for two months... Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Kinsale, Kerry, Kilorglin, Kildare, Limerick, Westport, Donegal, and Ahakista outside of Bantry

Oct 2013 - went to Berlin, Germany for ten days, with overnight visit to Potsdam

Oct 2013 - spent one week in Barcelona, Spain

Oct 2013 - spent two weeks in Mallorca, Spain

Nov 2013 - spent one week in Barcelona, Spain

Nov 2013 - spent three weeks in Tenerife, Spain, in the cities of El Medano and Puerto de la Cruz

Dec 2013 - spent one more week in Barcelona, Spain

July 2014 - spent 4 days at DisneyWorld in Orlando

Sept 2014 - went to Atlantis, Bahamas for 5-day conference

Oct 2014 - cross-country American road trip... West Palm Beach and Pensacola, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and El Paso, Texas; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Flagstaff and Grand Canyon, Arizona; Palm Springs and San Diego, California

2014 - Talia is born

May 2015 - road trip up the East Coast of the U.S. - Florida, Georgia (overnight in Savannah), South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and spent 2 weeks in those states

June 2015 - spent 5 weeks in Ireland - Dublin, Bantry, Cork, Kinsale, Dingle, Killarney, Cliffs of Moher, Westport

July 2015 - spent 3 weeks in Paris, France

August 2015 - spent 10 days in Nice, France

August - October 2015 - spent 7 weeks in Italy… Florence, Rome, Castel Gandolfo, Milan, Verona, and Venice

October 2015 - December 2015 - spent 2 months in Israel - Tel Aviv, Arad, Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Gvaot, Ariel, Haifa, Eilat, Tiberias, and Caesarea

July 2016 - moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand!

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