Travel Hack #1 - How To Save Money On International Airfare

Our stay in a beautiful stone house in the Irish countryside was drawing to a close, and the next adventure calling our names was to visit friends in Germany, so I pulled up to search for tickets from Dublin to Berlin.

A pop-up window bounced up on the screen and said, “It looks like you’re in Ireland; do you want to use our partner site,"

I clicked the little X in the corner of the ad as a matter of habit and continued my search on Travelocity. But right before I checked out, curiosity got the best of me, and I decided that maybe I should see if there was anything different on

So I put in the exact same search on lastminute...

And are you ready for this?

I found the EXACT SAME FLIGHT that I was about to purchase on Travelocity… for $200 less per person!!

I saved $800 on that flight because I bought from an Irish website instead of an American website.

How ridiculous is that??

This easy travel hack has saved us hundreds of dollars on airfare on multiple occasions.

Do a quick Google search for “buy airline tickets [country name where you’re traveling]”, and you’ll find that country’s version of Travelocity, where you can search flights and buy tickets.

It takes just a minute and can save you hundreds of dollars!

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